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    Hilda Felix
    November 14, 2019

    - Very good experience over all - We lived here for 7 weeks and we had a great experience with no issues, we had some trouble in our apartment that were fixed right away. The place was clean (halls, common areas), they have a coffee machine where the hot chocolate was our little adiction. The location is just amazing the city had 2 events right downstairs so we were able to go out of the building and enjoy without worrying about parking. The noise can get bad some nights but is not very often and didnt bother our toddler at all so I am happy with it. You can enjoy very good views too.

    T. M.
    December 27, 2019

    Luxury does not exist at Linear! If you want to live in a "luxury" building thats over half rented out and advertised as a hotel (see Stay Alfred Linear site n' review); if you like the property mngr. ignoring your emails or requests for upkeep/maintenance that was agreed are acceptable requests, you enjoy micro-managing property mngr. or leasing staff having to ask repeatedly for what they had said in writing and verbally will be done but never is or you have to report them to the city for violations; then Linear is your place! -If you are from one of the 4 major U.S. cities AND you know of true and actual luxury living, and used to staff and mgmt. that are professional, courteous and know problem solving and actually follow through on their word (they actually have integrity) then Linear or Baron Property Mgmt. is not going meet nor exceed expectations and you will be disappointed here. They hired a good ad agency or copywriter to write their website and ads which they cant back up or make true with the actual acts or services rendered. The staff apparently never experienced or toured a luxury building or understand the high level of customer service, cleanliness and amenities that are provided in buildings that live up to the assertion of luxury. They simply cant provide a higher lever of service or standards that match what is claimed to be here. It simply isn't within them and they aren't interested in learning to elevate the place to what it claims to be. -Website claims "unmatched amenities". That is laughable. All you need to do is tour other buildings in the area see that other places provide A LOT more included in the rent and have better amenities. -For over 2 years now there has been an ongoing issue of dog owning renters leaving dog feces around the property and directly outside my unit. Often leaving the outside smelling of dog poo and is gross to see as you walk by or are on the patio. They are in the heart of First Fridays and potential future renters walk by and see this. I have even heard passer-by's comment on how nasty it is here. -There is a big collection of pigeon poo right outside the resident entrance and when asked why it hasn't been addressed after asking many times for it to be taken care of I was told they have done all they can do, which is false because they failed to install bird spikes above as done in other areas. This is the type of representation of the building/property that Linear/B.P.M. is ok with and how they like to represent themselves. -No 24 hour concierge or office staff is available. -Club house-lobby-gym is always dirty. -No security other than few cameras - don't even cover the entire premises/lot/building. -Ineffective mgmt. with NO communication, problem solving or conflict resolution skills and no interest in trying to be better at what they do. -Staff, Owner/C-Suite with superiority complexes and "good enough" attitude towards the little action and effort they give. Theres no going above and beyond to meet or exceed expectations here (expectations they had acknowledged were reasonable when asked). It is not within them sadly. And the capacity to be transparent, honest and earnest is non existent. -Leasing staff who will tell you what you want to hear and never properly follow up, and then when asked why nothing gets done they get defensive and tell you that you are the problem when all you are doing is attempting to hold them accountable to what was agreed to prior. -Cheap building construction, cheap finishes, cheap hardware. They claim to be LEED Cert. yet bathroom faucet is not proper size or installed wrong so you have to have water at full blast in order to not run all over the counter top. Closet doors fall off track every time. -Unkept, dead & missing landscaping and told it would be replaced. Never happened. -Transient due to renting units as a hotel. I had several issues with guests camped out, passed out on my patio or trying to open my door at all hours of night due to intoxication or not smart enough to know what they are doing. NOT Luxury at Linear!

    Anthony Torres
    July 02, 2021

    I have lived here for a few month now and my girlfriend and I love it! Everything has been great from the day we toured to now! The leasing team is amazing! Scott, Jeana and Miah are always up to help! Even when they're busy they find ways to help you and tour needs. The maintenance team as well does so much! They usually get work orders done right away but even when they're super slammed they communicate with me they haven't forgotten about us! The whole team here will not let you down. You have access to both properties so that's really nice! I love using the pool table across the street at illuminate and and enjoying the pools at both properties now that the temperature is warming up! Having access to two gyms is nice especially when one is a little to crowded in my opinion. Overall both properties are great to live at. You get an amazing team and location! Living downtown comes with everything you have restaurants and bars all around you. I love music so I don't mind when I hear it while walking around my community from local restaurants/bars or first Friday because that's what comes with the area and I personally love it. I love this community and everything is has to offer. Couldn't be happier here.

    Storm Schultz
    August 17, 2022

    Jeana is awesome! The entire staff is really amazing. They are always friendly and quick to make anyone feel welcome!

    Wendy O'Connor
    January 10, 2021

    No one even asked me to write a review but I want to because I loved living here so much. It's super clean (cleaning staff comes every morning and are really nice) the management is very responsive and friendly, in fact I have come to consider them friends, and maintenance crew is awesome. They even helped me jump my car when that's not their responsibility. Before I moved in I read reviews that say the walls are thin and courtyard is loud but I have literally never experienced that, and I live in one of the courtyard units. I've become friends with both tenants on either side of me and they agree we can't hear each other, so idk what those past reviews are about? Tons of indoor parking spaces so that's never a problem. Location is in the middle of all the cool places downtown. Seriously can't think of anything I don't like about Linear, I'm only moving because I'm expanding my family and need an actual house.

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