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    LaVelle Lewis
    October 18, 2019

    Dont even want to give this place one star.. Management is so UNPROFESSIONAL!! They play favorites and it is definitely noticeable. I would never recommend this apartment to anyone. They have been through 4 landlords in the past 2 years. They have roaches everywhere, and neighbors are racist old white People. Have been putting the SAME maintenance request in for the last 8 months, had to say F it and do it myself. Maintenance man and landlord have a very unprofessional relationship and will walk in without authorization.

    enfant terrible
    November 28, 2018

    . The good: Awesome downtown location close to light rail. Low rents. Gated and secure. Current management is serious about rooting out clowns who don't want to get with the program. The bad: Not much really. I was super paranoid about bedbugs when I first moved in, having read reviews elsewhere about them being a problem here, but found none. There were a few roaches in my unit, but it was such a light infestation that I was able to get rid of them myself without even requesting pest control. The ugly: This place is owned by Terry Goddard, who keeps rents low enough so that people of modest means can afford to live here. Unfortunately, he's getting on in years and may not be around much longer. When he's gone, I can easily envision this place passing into the hands of the wealthy, gentrifying, Californian filth who have pushed so many other local people out of our homes elsewhere in this town.

    Andre DePriest
    December 31, 2019

    I haven't had any issues yet

    January 31, 2017

    This could be a great place to live if management cared about its residents. Location is great, facility is mostly clean, quiet, and secure. You just have to be willing to put up with pious and indifferent property management.

    Cynthia Riddle
    August 26, 2019

    I am rating 3 stars currently as previously I have lived all over Metro Phx. with prior, in N. Scottsdale before moving here in an emergency situation. I am grateful to have been able to come here... life changes in a second. No warning, nothing. Nonetheless, after my initial culture shock, suffice it to say; I truly feel that having lived in several apartments all over the Valley and having 4 homes in a span of 32 years, merits my rating somewhat of noteworthy reading below and in considerable ‘consideration’ of making The Abby your dwelling. Location : You can’t beat the location! In the heart of downtown. Near Light Rail and Bus Line. All of the Venues! Near Downtown ASU Campus. Historic Places, Museums.. Lots to see and do all within walking distance. Also, a lot of homeless, Salvation Army right down the street, soup kitchens, and other places to Volunteer, which I found very cool. Police Dept. is close by, as is Fire Dept., so sirens do make noise a lot, but you get use to it. Property: Security cameras at both entrances front and back gate, as well as office entrance and in laundry room. I do feel safe for the most part. If you’re a smoker, there is no smoking inside the apartment which can be a good thing. Outside of gate only. The Apartments: little cabinet space. Decent closets. Handicap is ok. Upgrade after move out. Management: The New Management is by FAR better than it was than when I moved in a little over a year ago. Young, upcoming, eager, professional, communicative, on the ball and friendly. It did take a while to re-new my lease, though I simply kept reminding him and we got it done. He has no assistant, so it simply takes ‘bugging’ him at times. He does come around. I have no complaints with management at all. Also, Mgr. constantly monitors security cameras when in office. New mgr. is making a brave attempt at ‘weeding out’ the ‘riff raff’,and no do-gooders and making available to those who deserve a chance at affordable apartment living to better themselves. This is a beautiful thing. Manager has actually performed maintenance issues for me when maintenance could not. Now that’s a great manager !!! Maintenance: The New Maintenance is a little lacking. THE REQUESTS DO GET DONE IN A TIMELY MANNER. I DO WISH THAT THE PROPERTY WAS TAKEN BETTER CARE OF AS FAR AS CLEANLINESS. This is not a difficult property to maintain. How difficult can it be to pick up a little debris around inside the grounds when it’s there and walking right by it? I do it all the time. Take a little pride in what one does. The laundry room is GROSS for the most part..I complained to mgmt and it did finally get cleaned, but geez, it shouldn’t take pulling teeth. This should be on the ‘list of things to do’. MAINTENANCE IS COMING AROUND !! Pest Control: DO WE REALLY WANT TO GO HERE? This is an issue and is rampant. Roaches, Roaches, Roaches.. keep food wrapped up and in fridge. NO DISHES IN THE SINK. Get sprayed twice a month, it’s free! Keep drains covered when not in use. Bed bugs are said to be a problem. WEIRD MICROSCOPIC MITES. I have bites on me that I am being treated for which my Dr. is trying to figure out. MOLD MITES ?? Biting gnats..This is an old Property, so there is mold inside the walls and vents due to pipe leaks.. There are weird bugs. I DO KNOW THAT IF YOU NOTIFY MGMT OF ANY PROBLEMS, THEY ARE ON IT ASAP!!! They cannot guarantee that they will go away.. but they try. All in all with the area being as it is and the ‘homelessness’ around, there is only so much that can be done. The property is GATED, SECURITY CAMERAS ARE IN PLACE. If you are considering moving here, know that the apartments are being upgraded and are nice, quiet, affordable, and location friendly. ITS CENTRAL PHOENIX ! It is very well managed, well maintained, owned by former Gov. Terry Goddard, who may sell to Californians who will do ‘who knows what’ with the property, but you have a great place to live with a great location and affordable price. I have read some scary reviews and this isn’t that bad.

    Monroe Street Abbey Apartments

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