A foster puppy helped a Chicago woman discover how 'much love I have to give.' What are you grateful for?

24November 2021

(Courtesy Cassie McNulty)
(Courtesy Cassie McNulty)

After seven years of infertility and adopting twins through foster care, Cassie McNulty figured her family was complete.

“We first started trying to get pregnant in 2015. Everyone around us would plan when they wanted to get pregnant and it would easily happen. We assumed it would be simple for us, but month after month of us trying, I was left feeling devastated when my period would come,” she says.

Cassie and her husband did all kind of tests before they were prescribed with “unexplained infertility.” Instead of pursuing expensive fertility treatments, they decided to shift their focus of wanting biological children to helping children in foster care.

“In 2017 we became licensed foster parents and took in newborn twins. After two years of being in the foster care system, our twins were adopted in 2019. After the adoption was finalized, I gave away all of our baby items,” Cassie says, adding, “I no longer wanted to get pregnant and my mind was set on us being a family of four.”

Cassie and her husband didn’t use protection because they figured, after so many years of trying, it wouldn’t – and couldn’t – happen. So in September 2020, in the middle of a challenging pandemic, they were shocked to find out they were pregnant!

“I had my period date all wrong, so in my mind, my period wasn’t late,” Cassie explains. “A friend quickly reminded me that we were on the same schedule for our cycles and that I should have had mine by now. She made me run to CVS to get a pregnancy test. I took her advice even though I thought I wouldn’t be pregnant. There were many joyful tears over a positive pregnancy test, but I still didn’t believe it until my first doctor’s appointment where I heard the heartbeat.”

Karis, which means “grace,” was born on April 21 of this year and Cassie describes her as their “miracle baby.”

“During a scary, challenging, chaotic time, when our world felt divided and hopeless, miraculously getting pregnant provided us, and those who knew our story, a glimmer of hope,” she says.

“When it’s hard to see any good that came out of the pandemic, we are reminded of this gracious gift we’ve been given, and we are forever grateful.”

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