Logan: White House is a source of 'misinformation' when it comes to the facts on the ground in Afghanistan

23August 2021

Fox News Investigative journalist and “No Agenda” host Lara Logan said Monday that President Joe Biden and his administration is getting the outcome he desires in Afghanistan because the United States military has the capability to summarily rectify the intensifying problems with the evacuation effort.

Logan told “Tucker Carlson Tonight” both Biden and the Taliban are sources of “misinformation and propaganda” about the facts on the ground and exactly how to solve the crisis.

“The most important thing that I think Americans should understand is that both this country’s enemies and the Biden administration want you to accept that there is nothing that can be done, that this outcome that you see where the United States a world superpower is humiliated, defeated, and shamed on the world stage that it … bows at the feet of terrorists, that we have to recognize the Taliban as a legitimate government of Afghanistan,” she said, “that they haven’t fought an aren’t fighting right now.”

She continued, “This foregone conclusion was what they want you to accept – because as long as we are talking and arguing about how many American citizens are left behind and so on, we are not talking about the fact that all of these decisions that brought us here are political: Every single one of them.”


Logan said that while there were failures within the framework of the withdrawal deal struck between the United States and the Taliban, Biden had the final say on how the withdrawal would occur – and that he put politics ahead of strategy in a way that has thrown the world into chaos. 

“They are not using any of the levers of power in any dimension: not political, diplomatic, economic, not security-wise, not military,” she said. “So you have to look at that and say OK, they are getting the outcomes they want because they could bomb the Taliban into the stone age like ‘that.'”

Logan added the U.S. military has shown the capability to destroy caches like the billions of dollars in taxpayer-funded weapons the U.S. left behind. 


As Americans and allies remain trapped in Kabul and elsewhere in the country, Logan noted the Pentagon has thermal-imaging-equipped weaponry that can “see through walls” and take out the most remote of targets:

“Throughout the entire war in Afghanistan, none of this capability has been used, so that’s a broader question as to why not,” she said.

Logan said instead of the United States using its capabilities to protect its people and its allies, Biden’s reticence has led U.S. rival China to “crow” about the state of the crisis in Kabul.

“All over Xinhua, the state news agency, they are mocking Joe Biden and the United States. And so we are accepting this defeat that puts this country in jeopardy.”


Logan concluded by asserting a theme arising from Washington’s messaging on the Afghan crisis – that if someone criticizes the White House’s handling of it, they are de facto advocating the U.S. stay in Afghanistan for perhaps another 20 years.

“There are many other options without staying in Afghanistan and most importantly, this is not just about Afghanistan,” she said. “This doesn’t just empower Al Qaeda as the a terrorist, it empowers every enemy the United States has. It doesn’t just discourage the allies we have in Afghanistan, it tells every nation on Earth we are a terrible ally. With friends like us, you don’t need enemies. You can’t do this alone. For our security globally, we need friends.”

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